BRC – Bosch Style Router Collet

Galaxy Products Router Collets are completely interchangeable with Bosch Router Collets. All parts are made in the USA and we offer many different imperial and metric hole diameters upon request.

The BRC Collet Series are used in Bosch models: 1604A, 1606A, 1613, 1613EVS, B1350, B1450, 1617, 1617EVS,1618, 1618EVS, 1613AEVS, 1619EVS

  • BRC Series Collets require a 24mm (0.9449") wrench

Galaxy Products BRC Bosch Style Router Collets

Galaxy Part # Hole Size Bosch #
BRC-1250 1/8"
BRC-1562 5/32"
BRC-1875 3/16"
BRC-2500 1/4" 2610906283
BRC-3750 3/8" 2610906287
BRC-5000 1/2" 2610906284
BRC-2362 6 mm
BRC-3150 8 mm
BRC-3937 10 mm
BRC-4724 12 mm